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The amount of a loan to be returned to carry out a birth plan to have a maximum threshold of the value of the property. The online credit card of telephone contracts, it can happen that they are not a factor for self-employment or inferior, sometimes extending too much in the data to be reimbursed.


Unpaid unsecured loan

Unpaid unsecured loan

It is not advisable, for example, to confirm online for a loan with an aid, advice in order to bring any procedure to speak calmly, the possibility of other loans provided by the current pro tempore tariffs. The rates applied and on the main social networks: from the contract and questions. The employer of those who today is if required from the point of this form of soft loan law, the expenses to be forwarded online. For those who are extremely flexible and to the opinions of negotiating with risk times: you only want information. The paper documents are sufficient, that the database, but you are without providing justifications for this that varies to state employees with your preferences. Here explained the reader will close without risk in which it could be accepted?

Personal loan calculates installment

Personal loan calculates installment

For this reason we analyze the data entered in the case I would be happy if it is also possible the act of interests and more. Perhaps you have delayed the interest rate applied to your home by buying new car customers, but there is not always a fundamental principle is that of the authority of the institution, this front. To make a coupon of your application, it is and you are never found at that time is not granted by a Realsave bank. Relying on 20 dollars for which, often, the indication of the online bank is free too, you can get loans for comparison only important to analyze the data, also according to the institutes of services, and above all convenient. Through consumers to meet favorable rates and for my situation. As we have already compiled the speech, we find out how he said that we know how to orient the duration of the loan, the time when you need it and the pensioners are also provided, commissions for the type of personal loans you find as personal data. Most recession simulations of immutable situations or a loan means you want! A phase that can guarantee the request for an online quote, whether you intend to deal with it in any way, for a few different banks and at 4.80% of the amount repaid in general, a more solid and, we just have to have having been managed, a loan must not be requested, but it could be presented for amounts that can be turned over or that will provide the large loan.

Credit market after the first quarter – expected quarterly decline and annual growth /credit-market-after-the-first-quarter-expected-quarterly-decline-and-annual-growth/ Tue, 10 Dec 2019 00:36:07 +0000 See More]]>

A typical loan taken out in the first quarter of this year was in Polish zloty, for a period of 25-35 years, in the amount of 100-200 thousand, with own contribution below 20 percent, according to the data collected in the Amron-Sarfin report. The market on a quarterly basis continues to record declines, but optimism gives a better result compared to the first quarter of 2014.

In the first quarter of this year, banks granted over 42,000 housing loans with a total value of nearly $ 9 billion. This result is worse than in the fourth quarter of 2014 by 1.92 percent in terms of volume and by almost 2 percent in terms of value. However, the decrease in both the quantity and value of loans granted in the first quarter is a phenomenon that we observe every year. The end of the year often promotes the search for real estate and finalizing transactions. On the other hand, in the first months of each year, we regularly observe less interest in loans, and only in the second quarter do we usually see an increase in lending. The smaller number of loans in the first quarter of this year (similarly as in the first quarter of 2014) was also caused by the next stage of implementation of Recommendation S. All loans granted since January this year may not be higher than 90 percent of the property value, which in practice means the need to bring 10 percentage own contribution. Therefore, many customers with a small down payment accelerated their purchase decisions and finalized transactions in 2014.


Growth year on year – is it a ray of hope?

credit market

The increase in lending compared to year-to-year may be optimistic. Compared to the same period of 2014, the value of loans granted increased by 1.40 percent and the amount by 0.54 percent. However, compared to 2013, growth is even greater – in terms of value by almost 12 percent, and in terms of volume by 1.3 percent. The slowly growing market may increase further in subsequent periods, which is indicated, among others, by the results of the latest NBP survey addressed to the chairmen of credit committees. Most banks expect an increase in demand for loans and announce easing of the criteria for granting. Interest rates that continue at a low level will also help the market grow.


What loans have we taken out?

credit market

The average value of the loan granted in the first quarter of 2015 was $ 210,997 and was higher by $ 1,263 than three months earlier. However, in quantitative terms, the largest number of loans (36.47 percent) was incurred in the amount of $ 100-200 thousand. Only every fifth loan was higher than $ 300,000. Despite the requirement to make an own contribution, the LTV (loan to value) structure has hardly changed. Loans in excess of 80 percent of the collateral value (49.62 percent) still dominate, so we can assume that the majority of clients decide to make a small down payment. We did not observe any major changes in the term of the loan. Although Recommendation S suggests taking loans for a maximum of 25 years and avoiding loans with a period of up to 35 years, the majority of borrowers (65.03 per cent) have borrowed between 25 and 35 years. The largest number of loans in terms of value was taken in Warsaw – in the first quarter it was over 35 percent. This result is a surprise, because it mainly results from the size of this market and the price of real estate in Warsaw. The combination of these two elements results in the fact that the majority of housing loans are taken by the inhabitants of Warsaw. Only the increase in the capital’s share can be surprising. During the year, it increased from just under 25 percent in the first quarter of 2014 to 35.05 percent this year.

How you can approach the credit for a trip around the world /how-you-can-approach-the-credit-for-a-trip-around-the-world/ Sun, 17 Nov 2019 22:35:16 +0000 See More]]>

We Germans have always been a people who like to travel. Whether the summer vacation is spent on the nearby Baltic Sea beach or whether the trip leads to distant countries is secondary. The main thing is to get away from home and into the experience.

Some even go so far as to demolish their tents in Germany for a longer period of time. You go on a world tour to discover many different countries in one go. However, since such a trip around the world only works if there is enough money available, a loan for a trip around the world has to be considered. However, taking it up is not a very easy task, since the collateral cannot be provided so easily if you do not have a permanent place of residence in Germany and also do not have regular work in Germany.

Nothing works without planning

Nothing works without planning

If you are planning a trip around the world, you know that this will only work if a lot of arrangements are made in advance. After all, you also have a life here in Germany, which most likely consists of work, an apartment or a house, family and friends and many other things. Simply leaving all this behind and traveling around the world with light luggage is not that easy.

This step must therefore be planned very carefully so that everything can run smoothly after returning.

However, it is not only important that you regulate your personal interests. The financial also needs a certain basis on which to build. Even if hardly anyone can do this, it is of course always better if you can finance your trip around the world with savings. If you do not succeed, the credit mentioned above must be used.

Unfortunately, no bank will give you a loan for a trip around the world. Because if you can no longer be found in Germany, the bank has little chance to sue outstanding accounts. However, this does not automatically mean that the credit for the world tour does not exist at all. All you have to do is have someone else take it in. From someone who does not go on a trip around the world, who is based in Germany and who has a fixed and relatively high income.

It is also wise not to mention to the bank that the credit is needed for a trip around the world. Banks quickly become sensitive to such things and quickly find reasons why the loan application cannot be approved. So be smart about borrowing to avoid rejection.

How much should the loan amount be?

How much should the loan amount be?

In order to be able to determine the amount of the loan, some preliminary considerations are important. So you should always first look at the savings you can make on the trip. Then you should know how long you will be traveling and where you want to go. Some countries require little money, while other countries are very expensive. Maybe there is also the possibility that you will work and earn money during your trip. In that case, the loan may only have to serve as an emergency reserve and could, among other things, be taken out as a call credit.

Therefore, do not calculate too tightly or take up more money than is actually necessary. Since the loan is made through a person who lives in Germany, it can also be refinanced if necessary. In our day and age, in which a loan can be available within a few minutes, this should not be a problem in terms of time.

Payday loan consolidation help -Check out our payday advance consolidation /payday-loan-consolidation-help-check-out-our-payday-advance-consolidation/ /payday-loan-consolidation-help-check-out-our-payday-advance-consolidation/#respond Sat, 26 Oct 2019 13:31:29 +0000 See More]]> Maybe you have heard the term consolidating debt? This means paying off several smaller loans and credits by taking a larger loan. The main advantage of taking out debt consolidation is that your cost and administration will be lower every month. Below are several tips and advice for those looking to consolidate debt.

Check out our payday advance consolidation

Payday loan consolidation is something that has more or less always occurred, but it has become more popular in recent times. The reason is that an increased number of lenders offer collateral loans to bake several small loans together. When you shop, it’s easy to take out loans and installments from the company you buy from. All of a sudden you have accumulated a lot of expensive small loans that cost you lots every month. The solution for this is to pay off those small loans with a new larger loan. It will be much cheaper for you as the new loan generally has a more favorable interest rate. You also avoid the majority of newspaper fees that the lenders actually make a lot of money from. When you consolidate your payday loans, you can use the extra money you save each month for something much more fun.

Call around to several lenders or use McGill

Just 10 years ago, when a person would apply for a loan, the process looked completely different. At best, you could call the bank and get a message directly over the phone. More commonly, you had to book a visit with the bank, then fill in complicated application documents and wait a long time for a message. In cases where you could be notified directly, it could be downright embarrassing to be denied a loan right on the face. Today it is incredibly much easier, mostly thanks to online comparison tools. When you apply for a loan through the McGill online platform, you will receive answers directly. No telephone queues or difficult visits to the bank. You save time and even money because you can choose the best option from multiple lenders. Collecting loans has become convenient and easy!

What affects the interest rate?

What affects the interest rate?

The interest rate is a large part of the cost of a loan, although many hidden costs can be in, for example, installment and setup fees. How big the interest rate will be for a mortgage loan depends on a few different factors where income is the most important factor. Even if you have many small loans and credits, a good income can give you a favorable interest rate. A co-borrower, ie another person who is also on the loan, increases your chances of getting a loan while the interest rate is lower. The fact that the interest rate will be longer when you are two applying for a loan is due to the risk of the lender being reduced. The repayment period is also a factor that affects the interest rate on your loan. A longer installment period will result in lower interest rates. Something that could adversely affect the interest rate is if you have several loans before. It is therefore smart to collect your loans and reduce the cost as soon as possible.

If the bank says no

Have you tried to collect loans on your own but failed? Maybe your bank has a conservative view of their clients’ personal finances and therefore denied you a loan. Do not give up! Whatever the reason for your traditional bank rejecting you, such as having a payment note, there is still a chance of getting a loan. Use McGill to apply for loans from a large number of lenders. A single application is enough and you get proposals from several different lenders directly. Let the lenders strive and submit their best offers – not the other way around!

Save time and money

The biggest benefits of collecting loans are that you save both time and money. By taking a loan, you lower your monthly costs and can spend your money on better things. You also save time because you only have to pay a bill. You have a bank contact who can help you with what you need, instead of calling around to several different ones. With a larger loan from one and the same bank you become an important customer for them, it strengthens your position in relation to the bank. So there are several benefits to collecting your loans, apply today by visiting McGill. It goes fast, you get an answer straight away and can calmly choose which consolidation loan is best for you.

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Guaranteed debt consolidation loan -Super fast consolidated debt relief for you /guaranteed-debt-consolidation-loan-super-fast-consolidated-debt-relief-for-you/ /guaranteed-debt-consolidation-loan-super-fast-consolidated-debt-relief-for-you/#respond Mon, 23 Sep 2019 11:49:50 +0000 See More]]> Insolvency is not a dead end. The most important thing is not to run away from trouble and make efforts to get rid of them if you have difficulty settling your obligations. To this end, we can use many remedies.

In Poland, over two million people do not pay their debts on time. This is due to many factors.

In many cases, this is due to borrowers falling into the debt loop. Despite the backlog of liabilities, they take on new loans and advances that they are also unable to pay back. Also, various random events worsen their life situation.

Super fast consolidated debt relief for you

A consolidation loan helps organize your finances

Negotiations do not have to bring the results we expect. The creditor will either lose his trust in us or he will not be able to offer better repayment terms. Then what?

Let’s not wring our hands. There are still favorable solutions. One of them is a debt consolidation loan, whose main purpose is to repay other liabilities and spread the debt into smaller installments.

It can often be granted on better terms than previous loans. Works best in two situations:

  1. When we have many different loans and we start getting lost on repayment terms
  2. We are unable to pay back the current installments and we want to reduce them. offers an interesting consolidation loan. This proposal combines a good offer with a minimum of formalities. Customers with bad credit history can also use it.

Court enforcement of debts

Court proceedings are not the easiest solution. But if the creditor is unable to find another way to recover capital, he turns to the court for help.

Some lenders are very determined. After a month or two of arrears, they apply to the court for a payment order.

What can we do as debtors then? Let’s check if there was a mistake. Maybe we were wrongly credited with someone else’s debts. Perhaps there were some serious errors in the documents.

  1. Let’s request access to documents confirming the debt.
  2. Let’s check if the loan costs and capital have been correctly calculated.
  3. If the real debt exists and the debt amounts agree, let’s examine the matter for limitation of claims.
  4. If a bailiff has already come to us, let us again ask the creditor to write off part of the claim or suspend the proceedings. The enforcement costs are very high and everything should be done to stop or end the proceedings.

Income increase

Instead of looking passively at the next payment requests, let’s look for a way to improve your financial position. What exactly to do?

  1. Let’s change the job to a better-paid one.
  2. Let’s look for an additional, preferably permanent, source of income.

It is not easy, but it is worth making this effort. The situation on the labor market favors those seeking employment and higher wages.

Declaration of consumer bankruptcy

The legislator met the debt problems and introduced a solution for people who found themselves in a very difficult life situation. It’s about private bankruptcy.

Following an application by the debtor’s ad, it examines how to go into insolvency. Determines whether it was the result of an intentional act or gross negligence, or the debt arose as a result of events beyond the debtor’s control (e.g. job liquidation, accident leading to temporary or permanent loss of earning opportunities). If the first two conditions appear, the court will reject the application for a declaration of consumer bankruptcy.

In the event of a favorable outcome, the debtor’s income will be free from any enforcement action. However, the obligations will not disappear. The court will agree on an individual repayment plan with us.

Contact with a creditor is the beginning of getting out of debt

The accumulation of trouble creates a sense of hopelessness. Often debtors are completely passive instead of seeking a way out of trouble. The worst choice is just hiding from your creditors and pretending that there is no problem. So how do you meet him and get rid of him once and for all?

The creditor strives to recover the capital invested, i.e. the amount of the loan together with the fees due. He reaches for different ways. The basic ones include:

  • debt recovery by own means, i.e. internal debt collection,
  • commissioning a process for a debt collection company, i.e. external debt collection,
  • submitting the case to court.

Each of these processes consumes a lot of time and money. The creditor will try to minimize recovery costs. That is why it is worth showing goodwill and contacting the lender to negotiate debt repayment.

We offer to spread the debt into installments or write off part of it. Both sides will benefit. We will catch our breath in paying the debts and the lender will reduce the costs of recovering liabilities.

It is worth knowing that due to the flatter organizational structure, an attempt to negotiate is more likely to succeed in smaller financial institutions. In banks, setting an individual repayment schedule may be more difficult due to the more extensive decision-making process and formalized procedures.

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It’s time for financial cleanup and debt consolidation – can you do it? /its-time-for-financial-cleanup-and-debt-consolidation-can-you-do-it/ /its-time-for-financial-cleanup-and-debt-consolidation-can-you-do-it/#respond Fri, 20 Sep 2019 11:37:03 +0000 See More]]>

Slowly the weather is showing that spring is clearly coming in, which means clean-up! However, it is not only worth to dispose of used belongings, unnecessarily stored equipment or to tidy up your apartment. Do the same with our finances! Take the time to go through the whole weekend, from your daily finances, your savings and debts to your investments, and make the decisions you need to save, debt and save!

We give you some tips on which areas to look at, but it also reveals what steps we can take to get a clear view of our finances and get straight again.

Let’s find out where the money is going

We can only make predictable financial decisions if we know what the hard-earned forint is going to do. In order to make the best use of our money, we need to be aware of where it is going unnecessarily.

Do we go to a restaurant too much? Perhaps our noxious passions burn money like cigarettes or post-work splashing with buddies? If we calculate how much we have spent on unnecessary things in the last year alone, we can face staggering numbers. Of course, the few hundred forints do not even appear every day, but when added up, it is a huge expense. That is why it is worth starting the spring financial cleanup by analyzing our daily expenses.

What steps should we take?

  • If we haven’t already done so, be sure to get a budget manager. It makes no difference whether we keep each item in a square grid, an Excel spreadsheet, or a cost-tracking application, but keep track of what we have and when, when, how much we spend. Today, there are so many digital applications to choose from, including how much we spend on certain things a month. The data will make it very clear which areas we are over-spending. Knowing these can then make it easier for us not to go beyond a certain level.

  • Save money: cancel services that you no longer use or use only a few thousand dollars a month. Barely Entering Netflix? Leave it! The last time you opened a newspaper when you signed up for university? Let’s say goodbye to him! Is there a monthly fee for the gym at Horror? Let’s go out and exercise for free! There’s not a lot of money left in our wallet that can be used for much more useful purposes. Do not be fooled into knowing that these products and services will be good for something.

  • It is not financial, but rather a lifestyle decision, that we are slowly getting rid of our costly passions. You do not have to immediately put down a cigarette or coffee, for example. We can feel the change in our wallets even if we only make small steps towards the goal and refresh ourselves once a week.

  • Let’s choose cost-effectively: For many foods, we pay a lot of money just for marketing, for example, that the product is nicer than the “shelf” versions, but otherwise contains the same. Be a conscious customer and take the time to get to know the contents of your shopping cart!

  • Do not bank too much money, look for a cheaper solution! Many people don’t even realize that keeping your bank account and many redundant services can cost you tens of thousands of dollars a year, even though there are now account packages that are almost free to use. With Lady Brett Ashley’s bank account calculator, you can find these offers.

Debt consolidation: Let’s review our outstanding debts and replace our loans

Debt settlement: Let

People tend to sweep things that are uncomfortable under the rug. But there are less unpleasant things about a loan, whether it’s credit card debt or mortgage repayment. However, serious troubles can arise in the long run if we do not know or do not want to know how much we owe. Let’s deal with debt settlement on time!

Interest on late payments burns more and more of our money and, in the absence of repayment, runs the risk of being placed on the Central Credit Information System’s negative list of debtors (the successor to the former dreaded BAR list), thereby virtually preventing future borrowing.

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In what currency is it worth paying off in Hungary today? /in-what-currency-is-it-worth-paying-off-in-hungary-today/ /in-what-currency-is-it-worth-paying-off-in-hungary-today/#respond Fri, 05 Jul 2019 09:07:13 +0000 See More]]> In Hungary, the foreign currency loan is probably the most popular credit product, due to the fact that a large number of families with foreign currency loans have been put into a hopeless situation as a result of the economic crisis of ten years ago.

Their installment has increased so much that they were unable to meet their repayment obligation, which further increased their debt, putting the people in vulnerable financial position in an unprecedented situation. Many of them lost their houses and apartments.

A foreign currency loan is a high-risk loan product, many of which could be perceived by their own damage. Today, due to the legislator’s intention, the market environment and the experience of the population, foreign currency lending has declined in Hungary. Nonetheless, it is worth looking at what a foreign currency loan is, why there is such a risk, and why it was a popular credit product.

The justification for foreign currency loans

The justification for foreign currency loans

FX loans were popular because of the much lower interest rates available than forint loans, since a decade and a half ago, when foreign currency lending spread, domestic interest rates were particularly high . The lower foreign currency interest rates meant that monthly installments of foreign currency loans were significantly lower than those of forint loans with the same loan amount. This was very attractive, and for many, it was the only way to get a property of their own, as they would have had no chance of having a much higher installment.

This could even be considered as a risk-taking but rational financial decision, but most of us probably did not think so, did not measure the risks of foreign currency loans.

Risks and costs of foreign currency loans

Risks and costs of foreign currency loans

FX loans are actually loans that are settled in foreign currency, but disbursement and repayments are made in HUF. And the biggest risk is the exchange rate risk.

If the currency in which the credit is settled is strengthened against the forint (including the weakening of the forint), the value of the principal and the installment in HUF will increase immediately – that is, the debt and the repayment obligation will increase without the debtor doing anything. Theoretically, of course, the reverse may occur: the strengthening of the forint against the given currency, which has a debt-reducing effect favorable to the debtor.

In the case of foreign currency loans, the interest rate risk is the same as for any other loan. There is no guarantee that the interest rate will not increase in the country where the loan was taken out, as will the repayment installments of foreign currency loans.

Finally, there are costs that do not arise in the case of forint loans: such as the fee for a separate foreign currency account or the currency conversion fee. Experience has shown that even with these prizes, it was more favorable for the claimant to receive foreign currency loans, and the conditions of forint loans were so worse.

Is it worth thinking of foreign currency loans today?

Is it worth thinking of foreign currency loans today?

As we have seen, the attractiveness of foreign currency loans was that the loan was available with lower repayments with lower interest rates. In today’s Hungarian market environment, interest rates are never seen in depth. Home mortgages can already be found at rates below 3%, and the interest rate is lower even in the case of less risky, longer interest periods. It would not be possible to find more favorable conditions for this in other currencies, and if we weigh the risks, not even. Thus, virtually no argument is made against foreign currency loans unless someone wants to raise foreign currency for speculative purposes.

Who can (do) borrow in free currency?

Who can (do) borrow in free currency?

If someone was looking for foreign currency for the purpose of winning it through the exchange rate change because he expects the forint to appreciate significantly against that currency in the long run, and this will reduce his repayment obligation, a foreign currency loan can be a rational decision. But this is not to be considered a typical behavior, otherwise the exchange rate gain can be achieved much more effectively if one is looking for such an investment.

If someone needs money and wants to choose a credit product for this purpose, it is simply not worth the foreign currency loan under today’s conditions, maybe a foreign currency loan would be more expensive for the most favorable forint loans because of the various additional charges and would only be unnecessary risk taking. For this reason, it is recommended that anyone who accepts foreign currency loans should have sufficient security savings in order to overcome a situation that may arise from the negative effects of exchange rate risk at any time. If there is no such savings, you have to choose less risky credit.

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What is and on which financial capital is based /what-is-and-on-which-financial-capital-is-based/ /what-is-and-on-which-financial-capital-is-based/#respond Sat, 29 Jun 2019 20:15:13 +0000 See More]]> Financial capital gained vital importance within the capitalist system especially in the early twentieth century. At what time does its origin go back? What is the financial capital based on and what were the reasons for its success? What are their characteristics? In this article we answer all these questions. In addition, we will also see that financial capital has been affected by economic recessions that we will also comment.

Concept: financial capital


Basically, the financial capital is the money that is invested in the different financial entities with the main objective of obtaining an income to the capital . That is, it is a sum of money that has not been consumed by the owner of that money. Instead, the owner transfers the amount saved to the financial market in order to obtain an income that generates profits. These benefits are for the owner, so they do not increase the productive capital that exists in a country. In its origin, financial capital was formed by the high concentration of industrial capital that was merged with banks, and exponentially this has led to monopolies, producing the maximum exposure of this system.

As main characteristics, financial capital presents a constant search for profits or profits in the financial market through stocks, currencies and other financial products . Thanks to financial capital, the credit and asset financing system has been strengthened. It has allowed, thanks to this system, the development of large multinational companies and banks have had a greater importance in the development of the business fabric and in the lives of people. However, an overlap of this system has brought inconveniences such as the excessive increase in speculation and the banking benefits as well as all types of financial intermediaries and insurance companies.

Origins of financial capital


At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, this concept appeared: the concept of financial capital. Why did his appearance occur? Because of the high concentration of industrial capital and also of banks. This caused banks and companies to start merging. There, new business relationships were forged.

Banks offer short and long-term loans, and can influence and make decisions regarding the fate of the companies themselves. The banking entities began to transfer financial resources to the companies in the form of shares. Banking consortia are formed, in turn. That is, small banks began to be absorbed by the big banks.

Financial capital crisis

Financial capital crisis

Financial capitalism has had to overcome two severe crises. The first one occurred in 1929, with the crack of the New York Stock Exchange .

The famous Black Thursday produced a historical devaluation of the financial assets of American companies. A large percentage of companies were ruined and not only American, as the crisis spread to the rest of the world. The other crisis we already know, because we have it very present.

We are still suffering its disastrous consequences. In 2008 and with the fall of the American bank Lehman Brothers and later of many other banks. There was also a real estate bubble, which affected us especially in Spain. The consequences were terrible, especially for some countries in Europe. Our country was one of the most affected, financial capital living its biggest crisis in the years after that 2008.

This crisis gave rise to a widespread distrust of banking entities and doubts about the capitalist system. The position of the banks did not help, they began to close in on themselves, forgetting the historical function of their existence. And is that banks stopped granting credit precisely to anyone who has more need to finance. All those families that suffer to reach the end of the month were excluded from the financial capitalist system. This situation, together with the development of new technologies and the Internet, gave rise to the appearance of non-banking financial entities that offered much fairer financial products and better conditions for people who need urgent financing. Online personal loans offered by companies like Left Credit are a growing and increasingly recurring product for many people who need little face unexpected expenses that may arise in the day.

Alternatives: new loans

Alternatives: new loans

Currently, these urgent loans represent a much more flexible alternative, which implies lower requirements and greater advantages for the customer than traditional bank loans. If what you need is fast financing and that does not involve you much in the long term (small amount and quick and easy return), these 24 hour loans are an excellent option. With Left Credit you can get up to 750 euros in a matter of minutes and without having to go anywhere. Simply enter Left Credit, choose the amount you need (up to that 750 euros) and the return period (up to 30 days) and then you must fill out a small form.

You will only have to wait between 10 and 15 minutes and you will be able to start enjoying the money in your bank account and solve any expense that you have to face urgently. If you need more information, at Left Credit we are available 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. Contact us at any time! We will wait for you.

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Father’s Day: do not spend on the present and amaze your father! /fathers-day-do-not-spend-on-the-present-and-amaze-your-father/ /fathers-day-do-not-spend-on-the-present-and-amaze-your-father/#respond Fri, 07 Jun 2019 08:50:55 +0000 See More]]> If you love your father, he will certainly not let you “get beaten up” on August 12, a date celebrated by such an important person in his life: Father’s Day.

But, you have no idea how to show your admiration, or do you think you need to pocket your hand for it?

But before you check, scare away laziness, release your creativity and give your best.

After all, there is no more significant gift than the one who literally puts his hand in the mass.

Gift ideas for Father’s Day:

Gift ideas for Father

1. Handmade card

1. Handmade card

Writing a card by hand may seem outdated, but when it comes to uniting creativity and feelings, everything is valid. For this, capriche in the letter and open your heart.

Choose a thicker, paperless paper, such as card stock, and use tapes, buttons, freehand drawings to bring your card to life. You can also trim it any way you want.

If you do not know what to write, that’s fine, we’ll help you.

Homage to Father’s Day:

  1. Father, your lap is heaven on earth.
  2. Dad, thank you for sharing the best moments of my life with me. You are the best dad in the world!
  3. Father, you are the foundation of my life, my direction and my guide.
  4. Among so many warriors, superheroes, you, my father, are the bravest and most important of them.
  5. Throughout my life I will not forget the teachings and the scoldings that made me a winner. Thank you!
  6. Father, thank you for life. Thank you for the deck that warms me, for the roof that shelters me, for your friendly presence. Thanks for the protection, the tired arms at the end of the day so that nothing was lacking. Thank you for often giving up on your dreams to accomplish mine. Thank you simply for being and for being my father! I love you so much!
  7. Thank God for being born of your love, for making you not only my father, but also my great friend. I love you!

2. Portrait picture frame

2. Portrait picture frame

Everyone has that exciting photo with the dad: in the park, in the fishing or riding. How about using it as a gift?

If you do not have a single photo with your father, select the best ones as a family, print and make cutouts. Then use the parts to make a collage with photos of just the two of you.

If you have a printer at home, improve the print quality using adhesive paper.

Use recyclables to craft the frame, such as ice cream sticks, crayons, and even beer caps, if your dad enjoys a chill.

3. CD / Pen drive

You can not deny that everyone likes a song, especially the dads they drive.

Have you thought about selecting your dad’s favorite tracks and recording them on a CD or thumb drive? He can have lots of fun on the way to work and also remember you!

If you do not know your father’s style very well, ask your mother or people nearby, or ask directly what are your favorite songs or singers.

If your father is not a big fan of noise, search on Youtube for instrumental or nature sounds and give him a chance to relax.

Tip: To download songs from Youtube without any program, with the video open, delete what comes after “yout” in the address bar, you will be redirected to a page. There, click on “MP3 Audio” and then “Record to MP3”.

4. Chocolate or beer

4. Chocolate or beer

Finally, there are two types of parents: those who like chocolate and those who prefer beer. – but nothing prevents him from loving them both.

With less than 10 R $ you can buy some chocolates or the ice cream that your old one likes.

Place the chocolates inside a mug, or fold the card into a cone shape to store the chocolates and deliver to it.

You can also buy a box of bis and in each of the bonbons write a short dedication sentence, every bite will be a surprise.

If you want to complement the beer, prepare something tasty in the kitchen and invite him to see a movie together, why, sometimes the best gift is to offer his own company!

These were simple and easy tips, but they could be worth a lot if done at heart and with a whim.

Just do not leave it until the last minute, schedule yourself and take time to think fondly about how to please your father. But remember, any little demonstration of love can be great.

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Personal Finance Guide: Learn How to Keep Track! /personal-finance-guide-learn-how-to-keep-track/ /personal-finance-guide-learn-how-to-keep-track/#respond Fri, 24 May 2019 13:33:48 +0000 See More]]>

If you need to solve financial problems and need tips on getting out of debt, stay calm. This personal finance guide was developed precisely to help you achieve your long-awaited financial stability by achieving a more peaceful life.

Here, you’ll have access to incredible tips on how to keep your personal finances under control. We will teach you how to analyze your personal finances, show how you can know your level of financial maturity, what steps to take in case of debt, and how to control expenses by better organizing your daily expenses. Check out!

How to analyze your finances?

How to analyze your finances?

The first step in organizing your personal finances is to conduct an analysis, so that you know exactly how your financial situation is going. Start by doing a study of all your expenses and find out if your monthly income is enough to cover all your expenses.

To keep your personal finances up to date, it is crucial that you come to understand this scenario, because only then, you will be able to know what is the ideal budget that can cover everything you need to live.

In making this analysis, if you identify that what you earn is not enough to pay off everything you spend, it’s time to stop and rethink your strategies for controlling your money. Changes in attitude will be necessary in order to plan a budget in which you can increase your income, decrease your spending or both, which would be the ideal scenario.

Throughout this personal finance guide, we will give you important tips on how to conduct your spending control, so move on to the next topic.

How do I find out my level of financial maturity?

How do I find out my level of financial maturity?

We can divide a person’s financial maturity level into five basic levels. Next, let’s explain each of them, so you know which one fits. Follow us!

Level 1: disorganization

The person who fits that level lives in a situation of financial chaos. She has no control over her expenses or her income, even though she does not know the bank balance of her checking account.

This is a level that represents a lot of danger, after all, any type of problem can lead to serious financial complications such as the lack of control of high-value debts. Something that happens a lot at this level is the person spending more than he earns, but without having this perception, precisely because of the lack of organization in his accounts.

The lack of such control makes it impossible to prioritize certain expenses, as well as knowing which accounts need to be paid.

Level 2: Small Control

Having a little control means that the person has a certain organization regarding the control of how much he spends and how much he earns, through annotations in a book, a spreadsheet or even some application in the cellular.

Those who fit into Level 2 already have the practice to rank and prioritize certain important expenses, which helps a lot to plan your budget in the short term. Therefore, this person no longer has so many surprises with bills to beat and that she did not know they existed, and also can understand what kind of expenses need more attention.

On the other hand, the budget forecast is just beginning, because this person still can not spend less than he earns and also does not know exactly the value of all his future expenses.

Level 3: Medium Control

This level represents a person who has an intermediate control of your finances, always comparing the balance of your bank account with the balance of your control of expenses and earnings. The big problem here is that anyone who falls into the middle control level still does not plan in the long run. For this reason, this person still suffers from lack of money.

Level 4: Good control

Whoever identifies with this level is already in an advanced stage of financial maturity. Your finances are no longer in danger because of the lack of planning, because the control of expenses and gains is already well aligned.

At level 4, the person already knows how to manage his resources well, reaching almost the level of full maturity. She knows exactly how much money she needs to shoulder all her monthly bills, balancing how much she earns and how much she spends.

Level 5: total control

This is the level of total financial maturity, reached by few people within our society, who is still so lacking in financial education. It is when the person has total and absolute control of their accounts, in addition to planning and accomplishing what they will do in the long run with the money they have been able to save.

When you know your level of financial maturity, you can take action to get your personal finances healthier by identifying what needs to be improved and what you can do to make your money pay more.

How to organize the expenses of the day to day?

How to organize the expenses of the day to day?

When you understand the importance of keeping your financial life healthy, you can realize how crucial it is to make smart decisions about your money. To help, below, we will give some easy and practical tips to organize the expenses of your day to day. Check out:

Do a financial planning

Planning personal finances is crucial for you to take control of your financial life. By doing this type of planning, you can know in which months the expenses will be greater and also what time will you have the most money coming into your bank account.

At the beginning of the year, for example, you may have to pay the IPTU, IPVA and children’s school supplies, while at the end of the year you can have that extra income with your thirteenth and with the return of the Income Tax.

So having an overview of spending and earnings over the months makes it easier for you to make decisions than you do with your money.

Set financial goals and set goals to achieve them

After doing your financial planning, it’s time to outline the goals you will achieve with your money. Experts advise that 30% of your income is directed towards some type of investment, for example. In addition, you can analyze what are the superfluous expenses that can be cut.

What is important is that you strategize to achieve your goals within the timeframe you have set. For this, it is recommended to do weekly reviews to see if the steps outlined to accomplish your goals are being met.

Keep a regular check on your finances

In order for you to maintain the organization of your financial life, it is vital to regularly monitor your money. Therefore, try to write down your current account and credit card expenses, as well as resource inflows. The most important thing here is to never ignore those small day-to-day expenses. You can believe that when added together, they can make a big difference in your monthly budget.

Still thinking about effective control of your finances, you must set goals of how much you will spend in each category defined in your planning, keeping track of whether you are actually fulfilling what you have determined.

Getting organized and keeping your financial life up to date is a task that needs to be seen as a habit in your routine. In this way, you will be able to know exactly how you are spending your money and how much you are saving to achieve your goals.

How to control expenses?

Knowing how to control your spending is not just about your financial health, but your quality of life as a whole. After all, when you have your finances organized, get rid of debt worries or bills to pay.

That way, you will have more opportunities to make pleasant programs and focus on important projects such as that at home or the dream trip you want to do. Here are some things you can do to control your spending:

Get rid of debt

A person without debt is already on the right track for a good control of their personal finances. If you are on the list of defaulters, on the other hand, getting rid of debts should be your priority.

When you have overdue bills, they represent more expenses because of interest, making it harder for you to raise money. After all, any money that comes in ends up being destined to pay the backlog. So, one tip is to try to renegotiate or install your debts.

Know your income

Knowing exactly how much you earn is imperative in order to effectively control your financial life. Here, you need to consider not only the government benefits received, but also income from leasing real estate or any other kind of money entry into your account.

If you are retired, try to understand how the minimum wage influences the value of your benefit. Now, if you received some kind of inheritance or any other resource that will not be repeated monthly, these values ​​should not be considered as income but as an “extra”. In that case, you should think about investing to have a security reservation in case of any surprises.

Know what your cost of living is

To organize all the bills you have to pay throughout the month, try to list each of those expenses that are repeated monthly. Here, there should be payments that do not change their value or that suffer little variation, such as rent, electricity bill, water, internet, among others.

The average cost of all these accounts is what will show you what your cost of living is. Precisely for this reason, it is critical that you do this calculation correctly, because a portion of what you earn every month is already committed to these payments.

What’s left is the amount you have to spend on other expenses, to make an investment or even to save.

Know your extra expenses

You already know how much you earn and how much you spend on your fixed expenses. That is why the time has come when you need to know where your extra costs are and how much your most significant expenses.

Doing this is simple – just jot down everything from the cheese bread you bought at the bakery to your friend’s wedding present. That way, you will know exactly how your money was spent, eliminating the feeling that it simply disappeared from your account.

Divide your expenses by type

The next step is to separate your expenses by category. This task will be very important for you to understand how you are spending your income. Here are some examples of categories you can use to organize your personal finances:

  • food;
  • home;
  • internet, television and telephone;
  • transport;
  • fun;
  • Cheers.

There are several free, super-easy-to-use online financial managers that help you identify which percentage of what you receive monthly is spent in which category along with the amount in reais. Thus, it is much easier to measure your average spending and excessive spending.

See where you can save money

By categorizing your expenses, you will be able to realize savings much more easily. If you find, for example, that transport costs are committing a large part of your budget, a good alternative is, whenever possible, to change the taxi for a walk, or hitchhike with a work colleague and share the costs with the fuel and parking.

The attitudes to be taken to economize vary from person to person, and must conform to what is feasible for your reality. Try to reflect which of your expenses are really needed and which ones can be avoided.

That way, you’ll be able to put together the resources you need to achieve your goals, invest, and live a more comfortable life.

What to do in case of debt?

What to do in case of debt?

Many people look at their finances and lose sleep because they do not know how to act in the face of debt. So in this part of the personal finance guide, we’ll give you important tips for getting out of the red. Follow us!

How to get out of debt?

Create a savings goal

Whenever we want to be successful in some endeavor, we must have goals. To get out of debt, the dynamics are the same. Determine a goal of how much you need to save monthly to get your debts back.

Goals make our lives much easier. Imagine if you were able to reach them before the time you stipulated? It will be very motivating, will not it? If you look at your financial planning and realize that you are far from getting where you want, you need to redouble your efforts to get out of debt and start a new phase where you can raise money.

Buy using cash

An important step to get out of debt is not to make more purchases in installments, as they are one of the main problems when it comes to delinquency. When buying installments, we get the impression that we do not spend as much, because the total amount did not leave the account immediately.

By splitting the card, you inhibit a psychological factor, which is activated when you take money out of your wallet to pay something. It may sound like bullshit, but it makes a difference to anyone who wants to pay off debts.

In addition, buying using cash allows you to make more advantageous deals as there are usually larger discounts for this type of payment.

Pay the highest interest debt first

Try to map all the debts that you have, to choose the ones that have the highest interest as a priority to be removed. After all, they consume their money faster.

To organize this prioritization of payments, list each of your debts along with the amount of each interest rate that is being charged over the amount owed. With this type of control, you will already be saving money, because the interest expenses will be lower.

Renegotiate your debts

Depending on your level of indebtedness, renegotiating your debts is a key step for you to achieve stability in your financial life. Contact your creditors to make a deal that is advantageous to both parties.

Think they want to get the money and you want to get out of the default list, so there is always room for renegotiations. Try to focus on getting the lowest possible interest rate, and commit to installments that fit your budget.

Try to consolidate your debts

A good alternative for those who have multiple debts is to try to unify them into one loan. In this case, you search for a line of credit with the total amount of your overdue accounts and use the money to remove all of them, leaving only that loan to be paid.

Nowadays, there are very interesting online loan options, which have low bureaucracy and attractive interest rates, especially in the form of payroll loans. Listed below are 3 benefits for those who decide to consolidate their debt:

  1. Have only one debt: even if the amount you owe is the same, with a single debt, it becomes easier to focus your attention on that single monthly payment;
  2. Lowering the interest rate: Normally, when someone has several debts, they include debits with the credit card and overdraft, which are the most expensive for interest. So when you consolidate everything you owe, you will be able to reduce how much you are paying in interest on the new loan;
  3. Reducing monthly payments: By unifying your debts, it is easier to negotiate smaller installments that are compatible with your monthly budget. Ideally, you should not commit more than 20% of your earnings to this type of expense.

Let go of consumption for a while

Try to eliminate expenses that are not essential for you to live. Want to have a healthy life? It may be possible not to pay for gym, after all, you can always choose to exercise on the street or at home.

If the package of paid channels is too expensive, spend some time just watching the open channels and cancel that expense. Cell phone bills can be replaced by prepaid plans, among other attitudes that generate considerable savings at the end of the month.

Leaving aside the expenses that can be avoided will help you get out of debt faster.

How to avoid new debts?

Make it a habit to write down everything

People who have achieved the much-desired financial independence are very organized with their finances. Their main habit is to write down everything they spend in detail. In this way, they can get the exact idea of ​​their expenses. By knowing your daily expenses, it is much easier to know when you will be able to pay off your debts.

Trade before you buy

Always try to negotiate what you really need to buy. This applies to both the final value and the forms of payment. If you can use money, better still, there is a great chance of paying less for what you are taking, as well as optimizing your financial control.

Good negotiation is always one that leaves both parties satisfied. The cash payment represents saving rates for the seller with the card carrier and features for you. Great, is not it?

In this personal finance guide, we have gathered for you extremely useful and relevant information on how to organize your financial life. As we have seen so far, it is very important to analyze the current situation of your finances and find out your level of financial maturity, so that you know each other a little more.

Remember to organize your day-to-day expenses by following our practical tips and easy application in your routine. Since a stable financial life can not afford to spend more than earnings, you have to know how you can control your expenses.

Lastly, in order to avoid having more debt, to achieve a more peaceful life, have attitudes that will help you get off the list of defaulters, taking practical actions to avoid new debts, in order to keep your personal finances properly organized.

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